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Strauss’ Anticipation: Mass participation for the Tour in Bangladesh

With concerns on the Bangladesh tour, the team of England was given time to think about joining the trip. However, Andrew Strauss, the director of the England cricket team, stated that he hopes that the decision to be made by the team would be a mass participation, or that everyone will join.

100% Safety Assurance

According to Strauss, the security of the players will be assured one hundred percent. The England Cricket Board (ECB) has already cooperated with the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and the Barmy Army to ensure the security of the players along with their families, the journalists, and fans who will travel to Bangladesh for the cricket game series. However, Strauss stressed out that players should raise any concerns they have in mind. He also wants to conduct a one-to-one meeting with each of the players to know their stand on the issue.

Making the Decision

A significant contributor to the decision of travelling to Bangladesh for the crickets was the fact that the Under 19 World Cup became successful, an event from which England has sent a team. Every person involved in that Cup was safe before, during, and after the event.

ball by ball

Unanimous Decision

Strauss hopes that they would be able to convince the players that going to Bangladesh for the trip would be 100% safe. He said that he anticipates the players to understand that ECB is working hand in hand with BCB to ensure every players’ safety. He wants every person in the team to say “let’s go” for the trip and compete on the ball by ball series. However, he wants this to happen without forcing anyone to join them but wants those who will be joining to get rid of their fears.

Similar Experience

According to Strauss, he understand each player’s concern since he had been there before so he wants to give them enough space and time to think about joining. He made his experience in India an example. He went there thinking about his safety. However, all his fears went away when all he thought about were the games when it started. In the end, the event was a success and no one got harmed. He promises everyone that this will be the case again for the upcoming Bangladesh tour.

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